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The landscape of education has altered rapidly in the past decade. This sector has seen many innovations and a change in the needs and learning habits of students, and consequently, a change in the role of educators in classrooms. Given the circumstances, it is imperative that teachers upskill and upgrade themselves continuously to match the learning needs of students, get familiar with new age technology tools, understand latest pedagogical best practices and get enabled as lifelong learners to achieve more success in their individual careers.

To address the above stated needs, we, at Ampersand, have designed a Continuous Professional Development (CPD) programme for teachers. Under the same, we conducted an Online Teacher Training for 824 teachers from Assam. This programme was spread over 90 hours, divided into 36 modules, which addressed several topics, like - ICT and Microsoft Office Tools; Health and Nutrition; Safety Practices in School; Understanding Adolescence; Spectrum of Special Needs; and 21st Century Approaches to Learning, Pedagogy and Evaluation. 

The training which teachers underwent was in-depth and extensive, addressing nuanced details of each topic. To upgrade their technological capacities, teachers were familiarised with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, Information and Communication Technology and Web 2.0 teaching tools. To elevate awareness on health and nutrition, discussions were held on importance of a balanced diet and impact of malnutrition on a child’s development, school’s role in nutrition and health management of a child and the importance of maintaining hygiene. Light was shed on safety practices to be observed in school, with sub-topics like safety management in school, classroom and buses, audit and monitoring, administering first aid, disease management, fire safety and drills and emotional health.

The topic of adolescent growth and development was dealt with in detail, encompassing aspects like understanding adolescence, stages of adolescence, needs and problems of an adolescent, learning challenges during adolescence, impact of different parenting styles and substance abuse in adolescence. In addition, emphasis was laid on understanding the spectrum of special needs among students, with sub-topics pertaining to types of cognitive, learning and physical disabilities, sensory impairment, medical conditions, barriers to communication and interaction, social, emotional abilities and challenges of a special child.

And finally, in-depth training and discussions were held on understanding 21st century learning and pedagogy, teaching evaluation and assessment and teacher roles in the 21st century.

There was much that teachers could take home from this training, which can help them create more engaged and stimulating learning experiences for their students. They showed a marked improvement in all courses. Through this training, we are proud to have enabled lifelong learning for teachers, thus ensuring that teachers see a progression in their careers and students benefit from teaching that is more exposed to innovations, technologically savvy and sensitive to their needs.

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